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that the late mother “to witness the moment.” Love long-distance wedding nearly 10 years as “tense to sleep,” William and Kate’s relationship was made public in 2005. At that time the two lovers to wear skiing in Klosters, Switzerland photo exposure, along with an open affair.? ???? Prince 6 months, his father Michael Middleton, a businessman, a millionaire by operating mail-order company; mother, Carol worked as flight attendants. William and Kate met at their common attending St Andrews University. William entered St. Andrews University in 2001. In 2002, the school serves a charity event, wearing a black Toushi Zhuang appearance attractedWilliam christian louboutin copper leather Short Tina 120 fringe pumps Kate. Soon, they began exchanges. But they are very low key at that time, rarely in pairs. William later moved from the dormitory and Kate sharing a apartment, he also “relationship between students” to describe their relationship. Some close friends also help, William at school “buddy” in public, called him “Steve”, what to avoid paparazzi overheard messages. Since becoming a “girlfriend of Prince William,” Kate will compete in the media object, but she has never been tight-lipped on the size Christian Louboutin y 85 patent pump of the newspaper. The end of 2006, William graduated from Sandhurst Royal Military Academy, Kate sat with their parents attended the ceremony on the general audience, and 10 days after William invited Kate to spend Christmas – which in public opinion, is the royal family of Kate “Girlfriend” as the first official recognition. But just when Christian Louboutin New Simple Pump everything seems to move forward, a sudden feeling of Kate and William began to decline. April 2007, the two broke up, claims that because “William needs to focus more on the career army,” the printing of the legend is Kate was forced attempts. According to her “girlfriends,” said Kate, “broken heart”, “tears stop,” but has never been photographed photographer Kate swollen eyes, she was all with large, dark sunglasses and out, all the flash are not catch her look. But a few months later in the summer, according to British media reports, William came to Kate “composite”, and the two also media “Dunshou” found in William Bruce serving in the Royal Cavalry Regiment of the Christian Louboutin black cutout letter leather Tell Me 120 pump dormitory to spend a few hours. History of the joys of love should be only Kate and William knew. Now the wedding soon, William admitted that they were “very tense.” Not long ago, William in an interview with British media, told reporters he nervous about the upcoming wedding to “several nights of insomnia,” but at the same time the heart is also “looking forward to.” When asked what things make him sleep at night, William simple to say, “The whole thing makes me sleep.” William even revealed hisChristian Louboutin Greissimo 85 black pump recent nervous at the wedding rehearsal, “the knee began to drum.” Precious moments in life, it is also true, as Prince William feel the pressure of the moment, it is his fortune or misfortune?


April 6 Nisshin single, “Please give me love,” the release, the girl idol group SDN48 on April 24 in Tokyo, Yomiuri Land Open Theater EAST held a handshake. Sunny venue assembled a total of 3,000 fans, all for a long time have not seen a large Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120 studded denim pumps collection of full SDN48 excited, and the atmosphere is very warm. Shake hands at the meeting, UNDER GIRLS B sang the single disc comes in the song “Awaji Island, onion,” the former Western State Reiko and Rachael sang “Love ah Please do not move”, UNDER GIRLS A sang “Paradise by opening bell three times the door. ” Hit song “Please give me your love” by the 12 members screened concert. Sato added reason to fans by the report, said: “” Please give me your love “has just launched in public trust to get the championship standings at the first place standings in the week is to get the third place. This is trust everyone blessing, because we have been supporting us. This is the third to get together. I really appreciate you! “After hearing her words, the venue of thunderous applause, Christian Louboutin Very Prive Patent Pump rejoicing. In the song “lonely runner”, the last they performed together a disaster relief co-organized with the AKB48 support activities “Action Planning for whom,” the theme song of “who.” SDN48 full set of 35, together on stage singing, dancing, the way to see the presence of intoxicated fans.

Reported in 2011 pop culture elements of the reorganization of the last century, with the remake, and represents the pinnacle of the year the small screen romance for the brunt of Haiyan, Jiangsu, Taiwan heavily remade three of its well-known classical masterpiece: “Yongbumingmu”, “Guanyin” and “What can save you, my love,” and a new mode of packaging broadcast Haiyan trilogy. After photographing each, will lead to controversy, and before, the relationship between the original cause of the discussions so that now the new hit in “What can save you, my love,” stand in the cusp, is still Long Xiaoyu, Luo Jingjing and between Hinton love of life and death and conflict, it still is a mix of romance murder mystery: catch up with the perfect lawyer Hinton Luo Jingjing beautiful wealthy girl, and then found her first love Long Xiaoyu was involved in a murder case, after the triangle and cases simultaneously interspersed. But the new era of multi-level series were significant adaptation, has not caused such a bold group of indigestion, and have actually become so hot relish, from this point of view, this remake of the Christian Louboutin Patent Leather Pumps show has completed its obligations and responsibilities. From the character point of view, the biggest change is the new version of the old version as a hidden line into the dark, four-Ping Zhu put on the table, bold and vigorous performances by Dong Xuan, and Long Xiaoyu also allows the role of childhood was eventually abandoned the new label affixed :, “rag woman”, succinctly summarizes the four ping grazed the fate of discarded used it, I wish the four ping play points, and her feelings with the Long Xiaoyu greatly increase the length of the original triangle to the four corners of the formal evolution of love. Earlier versions of “saved” in one fell swoop Christian Louboutin Mid-Heel Knotted Napa Pump made a star drama Long Xiaoyu Liu Ye, Luo Jingjing Yu Na and Hinton Indian small days, and that the succession of three actors who has a slightly different predecessors. Liu Ye’s mournful version of the Long Xiaoyu and murderous unpolished, but yet with a simple and honest and totally natural sense of humor, and new Long Xiaoyu is the “Seventeen-year-old